Neteller delivers simple e-wallet transactions for mobile poker players

The sophisticated South African mobile Poker players of today demand and deserve only the best, which is why we provide the reviews that we do. Helping players to choose the best mobile Poker sites, banking options and more with our convenient and comprehensive reviews is our passion. One of the best and most popular options today is the Neteller e-wallet, so we just had to evaluate it. You can learn all about it right here!

Owned and operated out of Britain by Optimal Payments PLC since 1999, this transaction system is now available to players in over one hundred and eighty countries and enjoys a very wide support base. This makes it a very convenient and trustworthy option for the discerning patrons of South African mobile Poker rooms.

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A user-friendly system

Setting up and running a Neteller account could not be more straightforward and easy. Applicants need to visit the company’s website and enter their details in the “sign up” section. Money can be deposited into the e-wallet account as soon as it has been activated, and then transferred into players’ online Poker accounts. Credit card and debit card transfers, global transfers and bank deposits are all accepted, and this flexibility accommodates the needs of all players. Cashing out and withdrawing funds is also smooth and simple. Money is transferred from Poker accounts to the e-wallet and can then be placed in players’ bank accounts or other online Poker accounts, or even into others’ accounts with the Money Transfer Service. For even more ease and convenience, the free Net+ Prepaid MasterCard that Neteller provides can be used at any ATM to withdraw funds from the e-wallet account. The flexibility that the system allows for bank transfers and withdrawals empowers users to manage their money in the way that suits them best.

Fantastic security and support

South Africans using this system in mobile Poker sites can be sure that they are in the safest of hands. Personal data is shared when withdrawals are made, but the strong standards of the Data Protection Act of 1998 are rigorously followed and ensure all details are well-protected. Keeping players supported and informed empowers them even more, and to this end the Act is actually clearly explained on the Neteller website. Friendly and professional customer service representatives can also be contacted via telephone, email or directly through the Help Centre and deal with all queries efficiently.


• Easy to set up and use
• Competitive transaction fees
• Very secure
• Widely supported and convenient
• Superior customer service
• Flexible options for money movement and transfers

Deciding where to play

If you have investigated the different banking options available and Neteller seems like the best one for you, it is time to decide where to start playing and winning. Our comprehensive reviews bring you all the information you need to select the South African mobile Poker rooms that suit you best. Let us help you navigate the different options and find mobile Poker sites that deliver the exceptional playing experiences that you deserve!