Authentic play with live dealer Poker

The online and mobile Poker sites that we review here all offer world-class playing experience to a South African audience that is increasingly savvy and increasingly large. More options are available than ever before, and the opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts from the Rainbow Nation and across the world makes playing even better.

For many players, live dealer Poker is the next level. This combines the simple interface of a typical mobile Poker site with live interaction and makes the entire experience more authentic and immersive.

Top Rated South African Poker Sites

Live dealer poker versus standard online poker

Both games are played the same way, so all the skills you have already built up playing at mobile Poker sites are directly transferrable! You will still make the same actions and choose your wagers digitally, but the cards are shuffled and dealt by a live dealer and not a Random Number Generator. This lessens the possibility of the house or players being able to cheat.

Most players find that the most significant difference is the time it takes to complete a round. With standard online games there is no delay while the cards are collected, shuffled and dealt, and the overall rate of play is much faster. The live games are therefore not ideal for those looking to play multiple tables at a time.

Choosing where to play

Live dealer Poker does not offer as many playing variations as traditional mobile Poker does, as the technology is still quite new. Most sites are only able to offer Texas Hold ’Em in this format at the moment, so if you prefer other versions you may choose to stick to the normal mobile Poker sites’ offerings. It is often possible to play in a single player mode or a multiplayer mode, which can accommodate as many as nine players and is very enjoyable. Consider your own playing preferences when taking this into account.

It’s also very important to make sure that the mobile Poker site you choose for your live games has top-quality streaming video that allows you to see the cards as clearly as possible. Most of the quality sites that we review actually use oversized cards. This enables you to see the number and suit of each individual card. In the interests of fair play, the dealer or an assistant croupier should shuffle the deck in a way that is visible to all players. Sites that do not insist on this should be regarded with caution.

Basic rules and regulations

The same rules that apply in normal mobile Poker rooms are used in live games, so getting familiar with the broadcast version is quite simple. In games that are played against the house, the dealer must qualify with a pair of fours or a pair of higher-ranked cards. Players usually get ten to thirty seconds to decide what to do and make their play before they are deemed inactive and forfeit the round. Many sites allow interaction with other players and with dealers through live chat, which enhances game play even more. These are monitored and abusive players are removed, so it’s kept very enjoyable.

Dive in

If you are feeling like a change of pace from normal online Poker games, live dealer Poker is a great way to expand and explore your game. Play at one of our top rated South African online poker sites that facilitates mobile play and enjoy realistic and authentic card game fun on the go today!