Play the best with the Windows Phone

Playing Poker at one of the many mobile sites that are open to South African players today is a truly world-class experience. The games and graphics are really superb, and being able to enjoy them anytime and anywhere that the mood strikes them is fantastically convenient for dynamic and busy players. Being able to connect with other enthusiasts from Mzansi and the rest of the world every time they play makes the games even more special.

One of the most popular mobile devices today is the Windows Phone, and all of the fabulous mobile sites that we review can be enjoyed on this handset. Deciding which ones suit you best depends on many different factors, and requires careful investigation. Luckily the mobile Poker rooms allow free play for no deposit, so exploring and finding favourites is simple and risk-free. When you are deciding which mobile Poker sites work best for you, consider the factors outlined below,

Top Rated South African Poker Sites


A mobile Poker room is only as good as the platform that supports it, and to ensure smooth games and overall experiences it’s important to choose respected and established technology. All of the sites reviewed here are powered by industry leaders, and within this group you may find that you prefer the interfaces of certain options. Generally the sites are available on the Windows Phone as downloadable applications or as instant Flash player versions in web browsers. The downloads are usually recommended because they have better overall functionality and offer more games, but you can decide what works best for you. Whatever you choose, it is important to check that the platform is optimally suited to the Windows Phone which is easily done on any Poker room’s website.


There are several different variations of this king of card games available online, and every enthusiast has a favourite. Exploring them all is a very enjoyable experience, and you will soon find your own preferences. Once you know which versions you want to play, you will want to choose Poker rooms that offer them. You may also prefer sites that specialise in a few variations or ones that offer a broader selection, depending on how you prefer to play.


The bonuses on offer at the South African mobile Poker rooms we review are truly spectacular, and allow players to make respectable bets and win correspondingly decent amounts of money early on. Choosing carefully can mean the difference between beneficial and downright lucrative gains, so proper investigation is definitely worthwhile. Choose the site that offers the Sign-up, Loyalty and other promotions that suit your needs best.

Security and support

Good standards of support and security mean you don’t need to worry about taking care of anything, and can focus all your attention on enjoying the games at the fantastic mobile Poker rooms you visit. All of the sites we review here are certified by respected international bodies, and offer trusted banking options. Good customer support is also offered through a variety of different channels for all of our reviewed sites. These high standards are provided by so many online Poker rooms that you need never settle for anything less.

A personal choice

Of these factors, you will find that some are more or less important to you, but make sure you pay some attention to all of them. After considering them all and spending some very enjoyable time exploring the great mobile Poker room options in South Africa, you will find the Windows Phone options that suit you best listed right here.