MasterCard is a classic that still delivers

South African Poker enthusiasts are enjoying a surge in available online rooms at the moment, and are more and more spoilt for choice. Now the finest games and experiences are accessible to everyone, and South Africans can connect with like-minded players from all over the world. Choosing which site to play at is essential, but choosing how to protect funds and the massive potential pots that are up for grabs is also very important. Luckily we have reviewed the best mobile Poker sites and the best banking options available to South Africans right here! Players are encouraged to consider as many possibilities as they can, and one option that deserves serious attention is MasterCard.

Top Rated South African Poker Sites

How secure and supported are players?

Users are often concerned about the security risks that using MasterCard online might pose, and the threat of identity theft or card fraud is very legitimate and real. This is very effectively dealt with using SSL Data Encryption. This cutting-edge technology has become the industry’s undisputed golden standard to keep information safe, and several independent studies have confirmed that it keeps information as secure as if it were not online to begin with. This ensures state-of-the-art protection to all online users, but most of the South African mobile Poker sites that we review here also accept banking information via email or telephone for players that are still feeling anxious.

How does the system work at mobile Poker sites?

MasterCard has been a known and trusted payment system for decades, and has proven itself just as reliable in the digital arena. Credit, debit and prepaid cards can be used and all bear very low transaction fees. In some mobile Poker rooms they carry no fees at all, and often special bonuses are used to reward players who use this method.

No matter what type of card is being used, the entire transaction process is very simple and straightforward. Players need to navigate to the cashier interface at the mobile Poker site that they are visiting, select the MasterCard option from the withdrawal or deposit menu and put in all their data including the card number is they are using a credit account. This is saved to the site, so that all future transactions are very quick. Users then enter the amount of money that they wish to be moved, the transfer is done and funds are available almost immediately.

What are the benefits of the system?

• Very easy to set up
• Simple to use
• Competitive transaction fees, and possibly no charges at all
• Exceptional security measures are taken
• Potential bonuses used as incentives for using this transaction method

What to do next?

Once you have decided to use MasterCard as your online transaction and money management system, you are ready to take the important step of deciding where to actually play. This is not to be taken lightly! Let us help you navigate the many options, and use our reviews to find the ZAR mobile Poker rooms that suit you and your needs best.