Play ZAR Poker on the go

Poker has a fantastic blend of skill, psychology and luck. Thinking players love intellectual stimulation of the game, and also relish the thrill of the element of chance. This irresistible combination that has won fans across the globe, and now the mobile Poker sites in South Africa are bringing it to more and more people in the Rainbow Nation.

With so many amazing online Poker rooms open to South Africans, choosing where to play can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We have reviewed the best ZAR Poker sites for you, to help navigate the waters and make selections that suit you best. Now you can connect with like-minded players from all over the world, and conveniently still play in Rands.

Top Rated South African Poker Sites

Basic rules and betting

In Poker, players are dealt a hand, typically of five cards and place bets on the combinations in the hand. All bets are put together and won by the best hand in each round. A hierarchy of combinations determines the winning hands. The highest-ranked card is usually the Ace and the lowest is usually the Two, called a “Deuce”. The card combinations are listed below, from the highest to the lowest ranks seen at ZAR Poker sites.

• A “Straight Flush” is five sequential cards of the same suit, and if it goes from the Ten to the Ace card it is called “Royal” and is the highest hand possible
• “Four of a Kind” has four cards with the same rank and one ranked differently, such as 9-9-9-9-J
• A “Full House” features two cards with one rank and three with another, like 7-7-6-6-6
• A “Straight” is five cards in sequence (such as 4-5-6-7-8) that are not all the same suit
• “Three of a Kind” features three same-ranked cards and two others, like 3-3-3-J-9
• A “Two Pair” has two sets of cards with the same rank and one unmatched card, like Q-Q-7-7-9
• A “One Pair” hand contains two cards of the same rank and three unmatched cards, such as Q-Q-5-7-9
• A “High Card” hand is five unmatched cards. Its highest card is what names it, so a 4-6-8-J-K hand would be a “King High”

Players must bet, check or fold at each turn. If betting, they need to wager Rands and if a bet has gone before it must be raised. If there is no preceding bet they can check, staying in the game without betting. If they don’t want to bet and can’t check, a player must fold and forfeit the hand.

A lot of the game’s intrigue comes from trying to read others, and base your wagers on that. The most skilled players can read their peers while giving nothing away. Often they can cause lesser players with better hands to fold, and lose the Rands they bet.

Playing ZAR Poker online on your mobile

In traditional Poker tournaments the opportunity to read others is immediately accessible because players are physically together. Visitors to online Poker rooms are not in this position and need to develop the ability to read other clues such as playing speed.

Online play has several perks. Players can access many resources to improve their strategy, such as software that points out their common mistakes. No-deposit games allow for invaluable free practice, and multiple tables can be played at once. This stabilises earnings and keeps them higher, so South African players can rake in more Rands!

Getting started

If you are ready to start playing and wagering Rands, come and check out our top rated ZAR poker rooms and try for the winning hand today!