Using VISA to manage your mobile poker deposits

For players at mobile Poker sites in South Africa, now is a great time to be alive! The world-class options that are available to them are growing almost daily, and they are able to connect with like-minded players across the Rainbow Nation and the rest of the world. After a few rounds of this unique blend of strategy and chance there is nothing more satisfying than taking the pot, which is often an eye-watering amount. To keep funds and winnings safe, good transaction security at all mobile Poker rooms is essential, and deciding which to use is an important decision. We have reviewed several methods on this site, and players are encouraged to investigate as many as possible. One of the most respected options is VISA.

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The way the system works

Players can use their existing debit or credit cards at the mobile Poker sites in South Africa. Both carry minimal transaction fees, and sometimes carry no fees at all! Certain rooms even offer special bonuses and rewards as incentives for using this system, making it even more lucrative and cost-effective.

If players wish to manage their online accounts carefully, the best option is often a debit card because only the money that is already in their bank accounts can be accessed and debt cannot be incurred. Prepaid cards can also be used for deposits, but they are generally quite unreliable and not the first choice of most users. However, VISA is known to deliver the best results with these cards consistently.

Whether players choose credit or debit cards, the process of transferring funds is refreshingly simple. Users navigate to the cashier interface at their chosen mobile Poker site, choose the withdrawal or deposit method, and select the VISA option. They then enter their personal data including the card number in the case of a credit card. All of these details are saved so that any future transactions require nothing more than the click of a button. After they have entered the amount to be transferred, the transaction is complete and the money is almost instantly available.

The security of the system

South African players at online Pokers rooms often feel apprehensive about using card accounts to manage their transactions because of the very real risks of identity theft and card fraud, but their minds should be set at ease with this system. VISA has taken several exclusive steps to safeguard users’ data, and the industry gold standard of SSL Data Encryption is also used. If players do still feel nervous, many of the online Poker sites reviewed here are also happy to accept banking information via email or telephone channels.

The advantages of the system

• Low transaction fees
• Possible bonus fees for using the system
• Very simple to set up and use
• Easy monitoring of funds using debit cards
• Swift transfer of funds keeps game play running smoothly
• Successful use of prepaid cards
• Superior security measures

What to do next

Once you have explored VISA, you may decide that you are happy to choose it for your online transaction needs, or you may wish to carry on exploring. Let us help you with both – keep reading our banking system reviews or move on to our comprehensive Poker site reviews. We can help you navigate the options and find the playing experiences best suited to you!